Mon premier livre : "3 mois pour adopter une vie healthy"

Hello !
Je suis ravie de te présenter mon premier livre qui est sorti déjà il y a quelques semaines aux éditions Hachette Bien-être : 3 mois pour adopter une vie healthy !

C'est un livre pratique & facile à lire, un compagnon de route, qui présente mon approche globale du bonheur et de la santé au long terme, c'est à dire une approche holistique qui prend en compte toutes les parties de notre Être : le corps, le mental, l'emotionnel, les désirs de notre âme, ...

13 tips to survive long flights - 13 tips pour survivre aux longs voyages

We all know it, long flights are tiring, & longs & sometimes difficult to recover from.
So here are the tips that works for me and allow me to have a better time, while feeling ok when i arrive :)

Here we go :
  • 1. Prepare a damn good playlist and maybe some good movies. For me, this is the only place where I watch movies. So it makes it a really exciting time :) that being said, I take the plane pretty often !. Also prepare a playlist special « turbulences ». I will tell you later what you can do to manage those times.
  • 2. Have a good filling & healthy meal before departure

VIPASSANA Part 2 : My experience day by day during those 10 days slience meditation retreat

Vipassana is the meditation technique that used Gotama Buddha to attain enlightment. The litteral meaning of vipassana is “to see things as they are”. To see things as they are, no as we would want them to be. To see the reality as it is. To see the truth, the universal truth.
It is the process of self-purification by self-observation. As we observe ourselves we observe the changing nature of our mind and body, and we experience the universal truths of impermanence, suffering and egolessness. This is the process of breaking the old habits of the mind, which result either in craving or aversion, by developping equanimity with the understanding of the law of impermanence, anitya in sanskrit.

The foundation of the practice is :
- SILA : 5 moral conducts

VIPASSANA Part 1 : How did I get here / Comment je suis arrivée là

The story of how i ended up in this Vipassana is important to understand my state of mind when i arrived at the retreat center in Joshua Tree. Plus i think it's a crazy story, and i love that :)

So here is how it all started :
Early 2016, i had pretty much no idea what it was. All i knew was "10 days, 10 hours of meditation per day in silence". Little by little i heard a few people talking about it, and as soon as i heard the words "deep", "intense", "life-changing", it got my attention. I'm in ! I had no idea what kind of meditation it was, but i know meditation is hard work. I was practicing a little bit myself, and knowing how "hard" it is, I was like "yes, this vipassana sounds like a great idea, but not for now. Maybe in 4/5 years."

Committed to LOVE / Engagée à être dans la vibration d'amour

Every "bad news" is a wake up call. An opportunity to rise up stronger and reinforce our commitment to love.
Like a lot of people today, I felt of moment of despair. I've read so many depressing comments about the US elections. But like in every hard situation, I've also read so many wise words and encouraging thoughts which only make my commitment to do my best in this world even stronger.
I don't think we can hide anywhere in the world anymore, like maybe we could have back in the day?
Today wherever we are, news come to us. Even in the desert or in the most isolated island !
So, we are part of this world. We can not deny it. We must be fully present to it, and give the best of ourselves to shape it to a brighter future.

Lancement de ma chaîne Youtube ! Plein de cours de yoga gratuit à venir

Hello Yogis,
Après des longues journées de tournage, des mois d'attente, et des 10n et 10n de prises ratées :), j'ai enfin le plaisir d'annoncer le lancement de ma chaîne Youtube !!! :)
Mon intention grâce à ces vidéos est de pouvoir te donner un support pour que tu puisses pratiquer tranquillement et gratuitement depuis chez toi.
Imagine un diamant d'une valeur inestimable que tu gardes chez toi dans un coin. Si tu n'en prends pas soin, au fil du temps la poussière va venir le recouvrir et ternir son éclat. A l'inverse, si tu prends soin chaque jour de le dépoussiérer, il va pouvoir briller de tout son éclat et même plus encore.

What is a positive anchor ? / Qu'est-ce qu'un ancrage positif ?

Have you ever heard about positive anchor ?
What we call an anchor in NPL is like a flag that has the potential to trigger a memory, an emotion, or a feeling. We actually have plenty of them, and they are not all positive. It's like when you hear a song that reminds you a special period of time, like last summer, or your last boyfriend, and all of the sudden you are diving into the same atmosphere. I'm sure we all had those kinda experiences ;)

To better understand how those work, let's go back to basics. We have 5 senses :
- the Touch (tactioception) - To
- the Hearing (audioception) - He
- the Sight (ophthalmoception) - Si
- the Taste (gustaoception) - Ta
- the Smell (olfacoception) - Sm

Women will heal the world - Le réveil des femmes sauvra le monde

No offence guys, but don't mess with me.
I mean seriously, i feel such a strong force within me to encourage women freedom & empowerment. It's part of my own story, but not only. I feel this force so deep in me like if i was feeling generations & generations of women being diminished & turned down because men could't handle their power.
Look at where we are right now?
I think the awakening of women is what's gonna heal the world. Because as women, we are not only strong, but we also have this deep respect for Life. For nature. For love. For environment.
I see power as INNER power, as a force that lift each other up. I see power as developing our best abilities to put it of service to others so they can do the same. I see power as a win-win thing.

Best Healthy / Vegetarian / Organic / Vegan places in Ubud, BALI

Hello everyone :)
Welcome to the yogi paradise! Not everywhere in Bali, but really specifically in Ubud. That's it, that's the place you wanna go if you wanna enjoy great food and practice yoga everyday. It is just the perfect place ! I am glad to share with you a few of my favorite places to practice and to eat healthy yummy food in Ubud, Bali.

Yoga places for drop-in classes, workshops, & events :
• Yoga Barn : Many yoga classes every day, weekly workshops and events. This is a big community in Ubud and a great place to meet travelers & yogis coming from all over the world (check out their events like the Thursday evening movie for free)
• Radiantly Alive : another great place for yoga

Places to eat and chill :